Friday, August 5, 2011

John G's (3 Forks, $15-20pp)

A long time Lake Worth favorite breakfast and lunch spot, John G's, is relocating to Manalapan and it's going upscale. Directly across from the Ritz Carlton, located in a posh plaza, the new John G's loses its rustic sea captain decor in favor of a black-and-white-tiled bistro theme. Will John G's be the same without the irritating parking situation and the wait we came to expect at the old location? Only time will tell. The ample free parking and larger capacity of the new location holds some promise.
The New John G's
Scheduled to open in August, we are left to wonder when, already a week into August. Impatient, yes. My last visit to John G's was just before it closed its old location. And, sadly, the first time I had sampled their breakfast. I finally know why John G's has such a following! I had their famous Original Cinnamon Nut French Toast ($7.90) with a side of sausage links ($2.35).

Surprisingly savory with the sweet contrast of the maple syrup, this nutty french toast is hearty yet so delicious you will want to eat the whole thing. The sausages were flavorful and plump. A large fruit cup of mixed citrus, melon, and pineapple is a bit sour but a refreshing complement to the rest of the meal.  The coffee is also first-rate.

One thing that I love about John G's is the unique menu. While not robust, it offers interesting items that a food lover like me don't see very often. One such item is the Peameal Canadian Bacon, an import from Canada, which I believe is simply Canadian bacon rolled in cornmeal. 

Egg lovers will find a delicious array of "Ethnic Omelets" for $9-10, including Polish (kielbasa, pepper, onion, cheese sauce), Italian (sausage, pepperoni, pepper, mozzarella, onion,mushroom, Italian sauce), Greek (feta, pepper, onion, tomato), and Hawaiian (veggies, cheese sauce, pineapple garnish), to name a few. Corned beef hash, Eggs Casino (like Benedict), and huge fluffy pancakes are also one the menu for less than $10. 

While John G's is known for breakfast, lunch is also good. Known for their fresh, perfectly fried fish and chips ($13.75), they also offer a variety of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, pastas, salads, and soups.  An excellent Seafood Bisque is available only on Fridays.  Lunches range in price from $6 to almost $20 a plate, with drinks extra.

When it reopens, I will be in line for breakfast to try the Raisin Cream Cheese French Toast and Peameal Canadian Bacon.  And, I will still be able to take a stroll across the road and walk off the calories on the beach.  If you go, bring cash. Credit is not accepted.

John G's is located at
Plaza Del Mar, 264 So. Ocean Blvd.
Manalapan, FL

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